Martina Lattanzi has had diverse work experience in the arts including fashion, beauty, film, costumes and photography, before becoming a make-up artist.

She commenced study in 2009 at Rome’s Sapienza University partnered with Michel De Montaigne University, Bordeaux.  

During this period, she discovered her passion for make-up, influenced by  Charles Boudlaire's book "Ecrit sur l’art”. Martina collaborated with Professor of Photography, Giuseppe Meledandri on her thesis titled "Photography and Makeup" and graduated in 2011 from Sapienza University. 

She subsequently moved to Milan where she further developed her skills in make-up and grooming.

In 2012 Martina moved to London developing her unique and reknowned artistic style. As a makeup artist, she has collaborated on many international publications with acclaimed international photographers and stylists.

Martina draws her inspiration from her background and life experiences, travel and art. She is constantly exploring the way  people express themselves, building a personal and unique style.


"Her Work is  delicate and intriguing. You can see the perfection of her work in every single stroke of a brush. The makeup she creates is flawless.

                                                                          Vesa  Perakyla - creative director




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